Herringbone Cocktail Club

The Herringbone Cocktail Club is a truly unique and captivating fourpiece from London, UK. With their barbershop-tight harmonies and incredible musical arrangements, they have been lighting up events all over the world since 2018.

And these guys don’t don’t just play your average covers; they mix cocktails. Uniquely blended and perfectly balanced, these mini musical adventures will leave your guests screaming for more. 

Unlike a lot of acoustic bands, The Herringbone Cocktail Club comes, as standard, with various amplification options. This makes them one of the most versatile bands on the events circuit, effortlessly providing the perfect level of sound, from an afternoon drinks reception to a full-scale evening party for hundreds of people.

The Herringbone Cocktail Club is a new breed of roaming band. They can move amongst your guests creating a magical atmosphere but, unlike other roaming bands, they add a variety of amplification options, ensuring the volume and distribution of sound is perfectly matched to your event.

They use wireless technology to transmit each element of their sound. A technician then mixes this into a perfectly balanced audio feed which can be used in a number of ways. Have a look at the following illustrations to see which one (or more) might suit your event best.

Sunny Afternoon - smaller pic.jpg

The “Sunny Afternoon” option provides the perfect backdrop to an outdoor drinks reception or similar. A bespoke, mobile and battery powered PA system can provide light amplification, whilst allowing your guests to hear their conversations. This also gives endless possibilities for where the band perform.


The “Walk This Way” option allows a more even sound coverage by feeding into a PA system that is positioned over a wider area. Often these systems are already in place on larger events where they are needed for speeches or presentations. The band can roam effortlessly through the venue providing a focus of interactive fun as they go but at the same time ensuring that all guests have wonderful music to enjoy

Walk This Way - smaller pic.jpg

Let's Dance - smaller pic.jpg

“Let’s Dance” is the option for those who love to party. The band pack all the punch of a traditional amplified band on stage but their wireless technology means they can play from the middle of a packed dancefloor. This also means that the stage can be kept free for a DJ (or even another band).

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