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I had a blissfully happy childhood informed by my parents’ small but perfectly formed collection of singles.


Shaun Keaveny is a British radio DJ who presents the breakfast show on digital radio station BBC 6 Music.

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I had a blissfully happy childhood informed by my parents’ small but perfectly formed collection of singles. From year dot me and my unusually youthful uncle Martin vociferously collected the hits du jour and banged ’em out at incredulous volumes on my Grandad’s Bang and Olufsen stereo, a rare technological treat in a town where, just thirteen years earlier, men had to walk in front of cars waving red flags.

As puberty arrived unannounced, me, my uncle, and mates Banksy, Ariss and Leo Parr channelled the ennui of pre-pub evenings and frustration of pre-sex Saturdays into the now legendary super group mosque. Songs with titles such as Ferry Strike, Bullet for Botha, Yellow Pages and Bloodspike (a gothic rock opera in 3 minutes 36 seconds) transformed the musical landscape and went on to cause a paradigm shift in the musical culture whose seismic impact can be felt to this day. Our concept LP – The Doctor Bardon Mysteries – achieved what Pete Townshend failed to with his Lifehouse project. At this point I was only 17 and a half.

Sadly as with so many great acts, musical differences, and the fact that we had to concentrate on our A-levels, the band split. From there my life became pedestrian. Over the subsequent years I scored a job as a radio copywriter, briefly held tenure as poet laureate of Cumbria and invented the bread-making machine. In 2000 I was offered a job at London radio station Xfm, and duly accepted. From thereon in I guess, as they say, the rest can be found on Wikipedia if you’re arsed.

First record you bought?
Mull of Kintyre by Wings

First gig?
Unparalleled Southampton prog outfit Jadis at the Stags head in Deane, 1988. Unless you count our band Mosque’s first appearance, at St Mary’s RC High School Xmas Party, which predates this by 8 months

Best gig?

Christers!! How can one choose??? I think for sheer teenage kicks and moshpit insanity it would have to be Wedding Present supported by The Primitives at Sheffield Uni 1988.

First record you played on the radio?
No bloody idea. I should really remember stuff like that shouldn’t I? I have a creeping and upsetting suspicion it may have been something off Moby’s ubiquitous/tedious Play album.

A record that makes you laugh?
St Alfonso’s Pancake Breakfast by Frank Zappa is pretty hilarious

A record you’d like played at your funeral?
The theme tune to Call My Bluff

Soundtrack for a long car journey?
Led Zeppelin’s BBC sessions. Let’s try to keep on-brand here shall we??

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