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Super silent 50kva

50kVA Generator Diesel Silent Multi Phase


100kva on skids

Packaged in durable, weatherproof canopies. Simple generator control and instrumentation. Industry leading earth leakage and protection systems. Comprehensive pre-delivery, safety and load testing regime. Dual frequency (50Hz and 60Hz). Integral spark arrestor


VT1 Eco Lighting tower

3 great reasons to choose the VT1 eco: operator time saving time taken to start each lighting tower in the evening, including site travel time. E.g. 5 mins x 12 units = 60 mins. Time taken to switch off each lighting tower in the morning, including site travel time. E.g. 5 mins x 12 units = 60 mins. Operator fuel & carbon saving the amount of operator site travelling and re-fuelling travelling is reduced. The operator on site travelling costs are hard to estimate, but we suggest the saving will be at least two litres per day, based on the reduction in the amount of time to start/stop the lights and the 30% reduction in re-fuelling. Fuel & carbon savings a standard specification lighting tower would be running for an average of 12 hours per night, where it is only needed for an average of 8 hours per night. The eco light sensor will save on average 4 hours of fuel per night and reduces the carbon output by 30%


63a distribution board c/w sockets


Extension lead 4mm 32a 240v 14m

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