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” dirty horn stomping shouting swing “


Based in Brighton, UK, The Swing Ninjas started out as a street band busking around Europe, learning their craft and wowing audiences of all ages. Now a few years on, they are performing original swing tunes all round the world at festivals, clubs, private parties while still keeping true to their origins. Having recently returned from hugely successful tours to Portugal, Istanbul, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, France and Holland, they are showing the world that you don’t need an orchestra to fill a stage of any size. They are as comfortable playing to a Lindy Hopping dancing audience, as they are to a seated enthralled crowd – although people don’t remain seated for long.

The Swing Ninjas Quartet

The Swing Ninjas Quartet

Mixing the sounds of New Orleans and ’30s Parisian swing, they will entertain and delight any crowd of any age. Available as a 3-piece (TRIO), 4-piece (QUARTET), 6-piece (SEXTET) and the massive 9-piece (NONET) including the beautiful Speakeasy Three vocal trio, they are truly a flexible and dynamic outfit. The classic QUARTET is the main performing band : Alto Saxophone, Maccaferri Guitar, Helicon (tuba) and Double Bass create the perfect combination of dirty horn jazz and swing La Pompe rhythm, while 4-part vocal harmonies complete their sound. A synergy of sounds occurs any time these guys get their instruments out – the whole sound is greater than the sum of its parts – and audiences are feeling it and loving the whole experience. Add in the Big Band and girls singing, you have a beautiful monster on your hands that will wow any crowd.


Your performance was, for me, an all-time-live-music-great and rates for me alongside Paolo Conte’s “via con me” at the Barbican when the crowd was literally yelling along chips chips …

Ninjas On A Couch

The Swing Ninjas Trio

Their energy, humour and enthusiasm for the music is infectious in both their street and stage shows, while their obvious enjoyment of the raw and passionate musical pleasures shine through. The name alone (which came to them on a night out in Brighton popping in and out of bars like suit-clad Ninjas) , tells you that although they are serious about having a good time whilst performing, they are anything but serious in their outlook on music and life.


Seeing people absolutely loving what they do and sharing that with their audience is a real treat – not to mention fantastic skill and warmth from their playing make all their shows an unforgettable experience. Their debut album – Tears of The Tuba – The Difficult Second Album – sold out fast and their second offering, Stop Killing The Jazz Man expected to go global, these ambitious Ninjas clearly sleep with one eye open (probaby in their 3-piece suits, too). The Tiger Rag EP is a snapshot of the Sextet and shows off the 5-part harmonies, mixing new sounds with old.


Their motto is very apt for the whole Swing Ninja experience – “Hiding In The Shadows of Jazz“. This is is definitely not chin-stroking jazz – this is dancing, shouting, smiling swing at its finest. Raw passionate music, at the highest, most entertaining level, whether played to a crowd of 10 or 10 000, The Swing Ninjas never disappoint.




I’m writing to you today to let you know, how much we appreciated having you here – very much the highlight of the summer for us. We all look forward to having you back. – Mandalay Club, Hamburg (Germany)



Bruce Stevens – Vocals, Helicon

Will Hood – Vocals, Alto and Tenor Saxophone

Jamie Mellor – Vocals, Maccaferri guitar

Simon C. Russell – Vocals, Double Bass

The BIG BAND includes:

Drums , Baritone Sax, and Speakeast Three backing singers.



2011 – Tears of The Tuba – The Difficult Second Album

2012 – Stop Killing The Jazz Man

2013 – The Tiger Rag EP


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